Whats in da Fridge Fried Rice

This dish is great because you can literally use anything. I have made so many variations of fried rice I cant even count. Make sure to always include garlic, onions, and of course, rice. After that its up to you! Of course sometimes you will come with some weird creations, but that’s half the fun! It will also dramatically limit your food waste and save you money!


  1. Old refrigerated rice
  2. High-temp oil…enough to cover the pan
  3. Garlic…1 clove minced
  4. Onion… 1/4 minced
  5. Sesame oil… little drizzle at the end
  6. Egg…1
  7. Whatever you have left in your refrigerator…why not all of it!!
  8. Song… Walking On Sunshine, by: Katrina & The Waves


  1. Get that cast iron pan hot af
  2. Pour your oil on the pan
  3. Immediately cook the egg
  4. Throw your hard ingredients, i.e. the big stuff
  5. Throw in the little stuff, i.e. anything that cooks faster then the big stuff.
  6. Take off the heat and add the soy sauce and mix mix mix
  7. Drizzle the sesame oil, mix, and plate. 
  8. Add anything else for garnish and enjoy your cheap and delicious reward. 

Pro Tips

This is dish is all about speed. Its really hot and really fast so its best to have a clean work station and have everything in prepared and in order before you start. Its also best to work in small portions. You want your pan to stay as hot as possible and the more you add the cooler it will get. If you work in small batches you will still be able to achieve that “wok” flavor that you get when you order from a Chinese restaurant. Most importantly make sure you are wearing socks when making any rice dish. That shit gets everywhere, sticks to your feet, and will drive you absolutely crazy!

Bad Station

Good Station

Quick Thoughts,

Fried rice is a great dish that will teach you organization and how to work quickly and efficient. Also when cleaning your fridge be sure to use your best judgment. There is never a need to get sick over old food.

When in doubt, throw it out!


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