Pulled Pork Tacos (Almost Vegan)



  1. Pork Shoulder (also known as Pork But)
  2. Salt….0.8% per total grams of Pork 

Salsa Stuff

  1. Tomato… 425 g (about 4) rough chop
  2. Tomatillo… 227 g (about 3) rough chop
  3. Chile…26 g (about 3) finely minced
  4. Garlic…2 cloves finely minced
  5. Onion…46 g (about ¼) roughly chopped
  6. Cilantro… 1 handful roughly chopped
  7. Lime…1 whole squeezed of all its juices
  8. Cumin…toasted and crushed
  9. Salt…to taste (about 2 teaspoons)


  1. Corn Tortilla
  2. Song…Livin’ la Vida Loca, by: Ricky Martin


  1. Cook the pork. (see Pro Tips) 
  2. Mix all other ingredients. (the salsa stuff)
  3. Heat corn tortilla.

Build da taco

  1. Add the deliciousness that is the pulled pork to a warm corn tortilla
  2. Add salsa
  3. Take a picture, tag @almostvegnofficial, and feast upon the glory that is the taco. 

Pro Tips

  • When cooking the pulled pork weight the amount of total pork in grams. Bone-in or bone out its all the same. Take that total amount and times it by .008 in order to derive the proper amount of salt. I used a pressure cooked. For every pound of pork, it said to cook it for 15 minutes. If using an oven set that guy to 250 and place pork in a deep pan and completely cover with tin foil so no water can escape. Let cook for 6-8 hours for a smaller amount, about one butt. Check and if not super easy to “pull” with a fork then let go again for 1 hour. Consecutively checking until super tender. It should “fall off the bone.” 
  • Make the salsa one day in advance. It gives time to let all the flavors meet, bond, marry, and produce a wonderful concise flavor. 
  • Whenever using spices, like cumin, I like to buy in whole seed form and then crush by hand. This gives the spices a longer shelf life.
  • There are times when you should skip the farmers market but making a salsa is not one of them. Getting fresh in season tomatoes will drastically change the flavor of your salsa. It may cost a tad more but will be totally worth it.

Published by almostveganofficial

Former vet, cook, and now a current student at Columbia University trying to spread some inspiration to get back in the kitchen and make some kick-ass food!

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