Guam’s Chicken Kelaguen Recipe


  1. Whole Chicken (butchered and de-boned)-1
  2. Almost Vegan Official Marinade-2 Cups 
  3. Green Onions-6
  4. Lemon-2
  5. Grated coconut (unsweetened)- 1 handful
  6. Chiles-to taste
  7. Salt/Pepper-if needed
  8. Song: Bowl for Two By: The Expendables


  1. Butcher and debone chicken, if needed, then marinate chicken overnight. (8-12 hours)
  2. Turn on the grill or get that cast iron hot and ready
  3. Wipe off any excess marinade from the chicken then place skin side down onto cooking surface.
  4. 4 minutes later, turn that chicken over and finish cooking and repeat with the rest of the chicken. (re-turn to prevent burning if needed).
  5. While chicken is grilling, dice up the white parts of the spring onion, chiles, and zest your lemons.
  6. Once chicken is fully cooked cool, and dice it up into itty bitty pieces.  
  7. Add rest of ingredients and give it a  good stir.
  8. Let sit in the refrigerator for a few hours in order to let the ingredients to get acquainted. 
  9. Before serving juice both lemons and mix that juice into the Kelaguen.
  10. Finish with salt and pepper (if needed) and top with thinly sliced green onion tops. 
  11. Serve and observe as you watch those hungry party people enjoy your masterpiece that is the Kelaguen. 
Before the cut

Pro Tips

*Buying whole chickens is cheaper and more useful. You can turn the discarded bones into stock. Just save the bones in the freezer until ready to use.

*Adding the lemon just before serving will give it a fresher taste so hold off until the very end.

*Usually this dish is paired with pita bread but honestly, its delicious on its own!

*If you have any leftovers, try wrapping this kelaguen in a kimbap! YUMMMMM

Published by almostveganofficial

Former vet, cook, and now a current student at Columbia University trying to spread some inspiration to get back in the kitchen and make some kick-ass food!

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