What is Almost Vegan?

I have been fascinated with food my whole life. I have taken part of every fad diet out there and for a long time thought of food as fuel. But we know now, more then ever, that food is so much more. Food is a visualization and literal taste of culture. It’s exciting, beautiful, and is shared by every living species on the planet. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, carnivorous, Christian, Buddhist, black, yellow, or white you have to eat. And most likely you enjoy eating. I love that and I love being able to connect to brand new cultures and people through eating and drinking.

No one in my family was much of a Chef but I still remember dishes that were delicious and nostalgic. After 6 years in the United States Navy serving as a Corpsman, (medic for the Navy and Marine Corps), I wanted to become a dietitian, knowing food is the best medicine. But turns out I hate school and hospitals. So I decided to move to New York and attended a health based culinary school. There I really developed my love for cooking and food and turned more away from health and more towards flavor and culture. I then worked in the NYC restaurant scene for 2 years and decided that also was not for me. I love food but as anyone in the “industry” knows that life is extremely exhausting and not the most rewarding. So I decided to go back to school and am now attending Columbia College in NYC where I am studying Sustainable Development. I don’t cook like I did in the restaurants but I do cook daily. I believe you don’t have to be a chef to create delicious meals and I want to inspire you all to cook and try new foods.

Why Focus on Sustainability?

  • Now more then ever Climate Change and our environment is a hot topic of discussion and I believe the best place to start with Climate Change is at the dinner table .
  • I feel there is a lot of talk about veganism combating climate change but veganism is not the end all answer.
  • I believe both veggies and meat belong on our plates but we just have to go about in a smart and sustainable manner.
  • There’s a million blogs and recipes online but none of them I have came across focus sustainability. Therefore I wanted to create a space for us to converse and share ideas on ways we take traditional dishes and evolve them for our time.

Let’s Cook!

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