How to Eat as a Broke @ss College Kid and Throw a $2,000 Dollar Dinner Party

“Good food does not mean expensive, elaborate, complicated or difficult. Good food means good food. Whether you spent 4 days aging your own duck in the perfect tempered climate, buy all organic, or inhale a .99 cent pizza at 4 a.m; when you’re eating these dishes it doesn’t matter the process, only the final product.”

-Almost Vegan

Being in college sucks. I’ve been a broke college-student for the past 5 years–and still, have three more years to go. It didn’t help that I decided to switch my college three times, State twice, and major every other week. But still, the theme here is being broke sucks. However, I do not believe this is an excuse for having a poor diet, both nutritiously and more importantly deliciously. 

A good diet is the foundation for a good life. You may start every morning with a donut while rushing to work/class: or you skip lunch because you are cramming for that pointless Egyptian history midterm. Maybe your dinner consisted of 5 Natty Lights and a few Jager Bombs–I also have been there. If this sounds like you then you need to stop, take a look at yourself, and re-asses your eating habits. They don’t call them “freshman 15” for nothing. Believe me, I know. As I said, I have changed my college three times, and each time I have gained an extra “freshman 15.” 

After my second college (Culinary School) I was spending wayyyyyy too much money on food. I was buying all organic, market-fresh, top of the line groceries and throwing dinner parties left and right. These parties cost upwards of 1200 dollars. I would put my heart and Seoul into these parties, taking 3-4 days to plan, shop, and execute. I often would fall short of my own expectations and always go way over budget. 

The biggest disappointing party I threw was a surprise birthday party. I had an overly huge menu, consisting of complicated dishes, expensive ingredients, and involved way more work then I expected. In the end, I half-assed half the dishes and was unable to complete the rest. I was truly disappointed in myself and felt miserable. 

I did this again in the following 4th of July party I threw in Brooklyn Park. I order expensive buffalo beef, bought coolers and a grill, games, tables, easily a $2,000 party and again failed in the food and at execution. I was so drunk at the end I tried to leave everything I had just bought at the park and go straight home. Luckily my friends at the time helped me get everything back to my place, which consisted of a $100 Uber.

Both of these parties in my eyes were huge disappointments. A lot of money was spent and the food was just “alright.” Whatever life gives you it’s extremely important to try and look at the positives. In both of these parties, I learned something that would change my cooking method for the better. Good food does not mean expensive, elaborate, complicated or difficult. Good food means good food. Whether you spent 4 days aging your own duck in the perfect tempered climate, buy all organic, or inhale a .99 cent pizza at 4 a.m; when you’re eating these dishes it doesn’t matter the process, only the final product. 

During that surprise birthday party, there was one huge success. Spicy Popcorn. I created this dish to feed to guests right when they arrived. This way they could be snacking while I finished the main dishes. However, that day, popcorn became the main dish. People loved it and couldn’t get enough. Even asking, “how do you make it?” and “what’s my secret?” People were literally losing their shit over this popcorn. I couldn’t appreciate the gratitude then, but now, what an honor that is to have people go crazy over my food. No matter how simple it is food can be delicious. I’m actually a firm believer in the simpler the better. To quote one of my old chefs,

 “Quality dishes is just taking food and not fucking it up.” 

At the disastrous 4th of July party, again, I noticed the simplicity in food, but in a different way. I spent way more then I should have on buffalo meat for the burgers. (Cows were actually imported from Asia, so I wanted to create true American beef burgers for the 4th by using the indigenous buffalo). It turns out buffalo beef kinda sucks for burgers. It’s super lean and the flavor really isn’t anything special. There’s a reason the cow reigns supreme when it comes to a classic American burger and that day I was reminded again, simplicity is delicious. 

Of course every day I ate I was not cooking for a dinner party. I noticed the longer I was in school the less I nutritious the food I ate got. Sure, at dinner parties I was going all out, however when cooking for myself, midnight burritos and take out Chinese was not uncommon. I do not want you to stray away from these treats. They are delicious in their time and place. But they are TREATS, and should not be eaten regularly. Years of eating and drinking as a poor college kid took a toll on my body for the worse. I became fatter and more out of shape than I ever have been which led to a discuss whenever I looked in the mirror. I believe whena person looks in the mirror they should get excited. “Hell yeah!” are the words I want to hear from everyone whenever they see their own reflection. If you don’t feel that way I want you to take a moment and see what it is you can do in order to achieve that “Hell Yeah” sensation. 

As I said, a good diet is the foundation for a good life. I’m going to show you cheap and delicious recipes, using classic Korean kids’ school lunches, week-long leftovers that you would normally throw away, and of course, my famous Popcorn recipe that will make you look like a goddamn G at any dinner party. The goal here is to show you delicious, nutritious food can be cheap and sustainable. Nobody can live off of Jager and donuts. In this case, I want you to think of sustainable as sustainable for yourself. So nourish yourself. Kick some ass, and shout a big, “Hell Yeah” next time your looking in the mirror. 

This kimBap recipe is EXTREMELY flexible. You do not have to use anchovies but I encourage people to get out there and try new things. Also, anchovies are not only high in protein and nutritious fats, but they are also one of the most sustainable fish sources we can eat. Double Win!! Feel free to experiment and find the kimbap that rocks your socks off! The vegetables are also open for creativity. I picked these three because I feel like they are the most common in an American grocery store, but feel free to switch it up and experiment!


Anchovy KimBap Ingredients

  1. Anchovy mix
  2. Nori Seaweed
  3. Veg
  4. Song… Young Dumb & Broke, by: Khalid

Pickled Veg Ingredients

  1. Carrot…1 whole cut into rectangle
  2. Celery…2 whole cut into rectangle
  3. Cucumber…1 whole cut into rectangle
  4. Onion…1/2 medium cut into strips
  5. Chili…3-4 whole, cleaned (save the guts)
  6. Sugar… 20 g
  7. Water…500 g
  8. Vinegar… 300 g
  9. Salt… 15 g

Procedure Pickle

  1. Place the sugar, vinegar, water, chili guts, and salt in a pot, give it a stir and bring it to a boil
  2. Once at a boil shut it off and add all your veg you wish to pickle
  3. Let cool and enjoy

Perfect rice recipe

  1. White Rice…180 g
  2. Water…216 g

Perfect rice procedure

  1. Weigh dry, white rice
  2. Measure 1.2X the amount of water to the rice weight
  3. Wash rice with different water at least three times…wishy-washy style.
  4. Drain the rice and then mix with measured water into a pot
  5. Let rice sit in water for 5 minutes and do absolutely nothing
  6. Turn your heat up as high as it will go. Let the water come to a boil. Then turn it to as low as it will go, covered, and do not touch for at least 15 minutes. 
  7. Check rice after 15 minutes by tilting pan, if there is water coming out the side let it cook for a little longer. If not then turn the heat off and let sit, covered, for another 15 minutes. 
  8. Uncover the rice and fluff.
  9. Enjoy!!!

Anchovy mix ingredients

  1. Anchovies (dried)…100 g
  2. Garlic…1 clove, minced
  3. Sunflower oil… enough to coat the pan
  4. Vinegar… 2 tablespoons
  5. gochujang…9 g
  6. sugar…4 g
  7. sesame oil… a drizzle
  8. Sesame seeds… as much as you want
  9. Fresh chilies… 2 chopped into small pieces

Anchovy mix Procedure

  1. Heat sunflower oil in a pan on high heat
  2. Add anchovies and stir, stir, stir
  3. Once crispy and hot turn leat to low and add rest of ingredients (except sesame oil)
  4. Stir, stir, stir for 3-5 minutes and let cool to room temp
  5. Stir in the chilies and sesame oil and enjoy.

KimBap Assembly

Think of this like American style sushi

  1. Lay the Nori sheet, shiny side down, and add a thin layer of rice
  2. Add all your pickled veg in a neat and orderly fashion
  3. Add your meat (in this case the anchovies).
  4. Roll like a burrito, first hugging all the ingredients tightly together, then finish rolling into a completed roll.
  5. Cut in half, then half, then half, until you get bite-size pieces. 
  6. Eat straight up/ dip in soy/ sprinkle some mayo/ possibilities are endless, just ENJOY!!!!

Final Thoughts

Dinner parties are a great way to hang with your friends but can get expensive and extremely stressful. Remember to keep it simple, keep it sweet, have fun!! and serve up my popcorn recipe and I promise your friends will be calling you Chef by the end of the night.

Check out da Shit left in your Fridge Fried Rice

Becky will be so jealous when she tastes this Almost Vegan Popcorn

Worlds Best Popcorn (Americas’ Rice)

Not only has this popcorn been found to be more addicted then cocaine, its also cheap and will bring any date night or party from a 6 to a full blown 10.


  1. Sunflower oil…about a cup
  2. Dried chilies…a few
  3. Popcorn kernels…a handful
  4. Song… Drop it Like It’s Hot, by: Snoop Dog


  1. Toast dat chile!! In a 350 degree oven
  2. Cut toasted chilies and put in the pot with the oil
  3. Crank the heat until you notice the oil to bubble then put heat on the lowest setting and let cook for 30 minutes.
  4. Let the oil cool with chilies still in the oil.
  5. Put popcorn into a new pot and cover with chili oil.
  6. Turn up the heat to its highest setting and cover the pot with a lid
  7. Shake the pot while the popcorn is popping to avoid burning.
  8. Put popped popcorn into a large bowl, add salt and pepper, and serve.

Pro Tips

Use only the oil when making the popcorn and not the oil with the chili. It will burn. Use only non flavored high temp oil, such as sunflower oil or canola. If your popcorn is over flowing its ok to let the lid up and pour the top into the bowl then continue to pop the rest. Most importantly, if making for your guests, try not to eat it all before they arrive.

Quick Thoughts,

If I was to write about a blog titled, Foods to get you Laid, this would be the first recipe I use.

Maybe that will be my next post.

Whats in da Fridge Fried Rice

This dish is great because you can literally use anything. I have made so many variations of fried rice I cant even count. Make sure to always include garlic, onions, and of course, rice. After that its up to you! Of course sometimes you will come with some weird creations, but that’s half the fun! It will also dramatically limit your food waste and save you money!


  1. Old refrigerated rice
  2. High-temp oil…enough to cover the pan
  3. Garlic…1 clove minced
  4. Onion… 1/4 minced
  5. Sesame oil… little drizzle at the end
  6. Egg…1
  7. Whatever you have left in your refrigerator…why not all of it!!
  8. Song… Walking On Sunshine, by: Katrina & The Waves


  1. Get that cast iron pan hot af
  2. Pour your oil on the pan
  3. Immediately cook the egg
  4. Throw your hard ingredients, i.e. the big stuff
  5. Throw in the little stuff, i.e. anything that cooks faster then the big stuff.
  6. Take off the heat and add the soy sauce and mix mix mix
  7. Drizzle the sesame oil, mix, and plate. 
  8. Add anything else for garnish and enjoy your cheap and delicious reward. 

Pro Tips

This is dish is all about speed. Its really hot and really fast so its best to have a clean work station and have everything in prepared and in order before you start. Its also best to work in small portions. You want your pan to stay as hot as possible and the more you add the cooler it will get. If you work in small batches you will still be able to achieve that “wok” flavor that you get when you order from a Chinese restaurant. Most importantly make sure you are wearing socks when making any rice dish. That shit gets everywhere, sticks to your feet, and will drive you absolutely crazy!

Bad Station

Good Station

Quick Thoughts,

Fried rice is a great dish that will teach you organization and how to work quickly and efficient. Also when cleaning your fridge be sure to use your best judgment. There is never a need to get sick over old food.

When in doubt, throw it out!

Korea: The Land of Couple Style

” Have yourself a night of ravenous lovemaking. Then refresh yourselves with a couple of beers and this perfect, couple style, Korean dish. “

-Almost Vegan

If you read my last post, then you know I spent this last summer in Korea. I have nothing but great things to say about the place, except for the absence of bagels, and would definitely recommend that anyone who likes traveling, food, or drinking should visit the country. South Korea is brand new (only established about 70 years ago), but has been one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. Most people today know Korea for two things: Samsung and K-pop/K-drama. 

We could talk about Korean Dramas and K-pop all day, but I’m less interested in the actual dramas and music than what the love-obsessed pop culture has done to the country. A few days in Korea and you will start to see the country is built for couples. Restaurants are designed to eat in pairs, making it difficult–almost shameful–to eat alone. Everywhere you turn there are couples dressed in matching clothes; sometimes just the shoes, but often in head to toe identical ensembles. In the department stores, R&B-style love songs are on repeat, and in the bars, there isn’t even a bar. When going to drink, you sit at tables just as you would at a restaurant, so there is almost no chance of you mingling with stranger.

Koreans are also a very diligent society. They study extremely hard in order to graduate and then go on to work (very hard). So, in order to meet new people, it is popular to go to “meetups”, which are where you can meet friends or your potential lover. They even have a word for it: “so get ting” or “소개팅”. And once you find that loved one, they fall hard and they fall fast.

Being alone most of my time while in Korea, I did a lot of people watching. I can’t count how many times I watched high-school couples painfully leave one another at the subway. One stays in the seat as sadness drapes over their face, while the other stands outside the closing doors waving goodbye as if this is the last time they will ever see each other. And, when the couples are together, PDA (Public Display of Affection) is an understatement. Especially around 9 o’clock, when Seoul starts to get a little tipsy, couples everywhere are holding each other so tight they look like they are fused together. Looking around, you see a sea of attached lovers frolicking through the streets, sharing Soju, laughs, and bar food. This isn’t a bad site or occurrence to have in a city; it makes the city very romantic and a great place for couples of all ages to enjoy each other. But I was not apart of a couple, so it did making eating out a tad challenging. 

I am obsessed with food so, of course, I wanted to eat out as much as possible. If you move to a new country, one of the best ways to get to know the culture is through the food. Luckily I had a group of single classmates who I could go out to lunch with almost daily. One of my favorite dishes to eat was 콩국수, pronounced “Kong Gook Su.” This is a cold noodle dish–I thought I would hate, but its actually delicious. The dish consists of thinly cut wheat noodles placed in the center of a soy broth and is topped with thinly sliced cucumber, watermelon, and sometimes egg. It’s naturally vegan, refreshing, light, and filling; the perfect dish for a hot summer day, especially if you’ve been working outside. Basically, if ice-cold beer had a stepbrother it would be 콩국수. And I fuckin’ LOVE beer. Even more, this dish is a perfect example of the importance of couples in Korea.

Wheat and Soy are two of the biggest crops in human history. Wheat fuels our soul through bread, pastries, pizza, and pasta; after all, where would we be without pizza and pasta?! Soy, besides being the main ingredient in every processed food in the grocery store, is a main food source for domestic animals. We can then make the argument that without soy we would have no bacon. BACON!!! Bacon, pizza, pasta: All these foods are made possible by the humble wheat and protein-packed soy.  콩국수 takes these two civilization starters and puts them into their simplest form, making a delicious couples’ dish. 

I want you to feel Korea’s obsession with being in a couple. All of my couples out there: go grab your significant other. Go buy some matching clothes. Be all over each other in public. Have yourself a night of ravenous lovemaking. Then, after all is said and done, refresh yourselves with a couple of beers and this perfect, couple-style Korean dish. You’ve two have been working hard. If you’re single, get on social media. Turn on those love tunes and swipe right to your heart’s content. Either way, everyone needs to remember to treat their self! This dish is not only delicious, but it also has a tiny carbon footprint and a great carbs-to-protein ratio. Healthy, sustainable, romantic: what’s not to like? I promise that after this dish, you’ll feel great and it will give you the power to gear up and kick ass.

All Hail The Glory that is King-Kong Gook Su.


Serves: 2 (of course)


  1. All-Purpose Unbleached Wheat Flour… 110 g
  2. Soybeans (dry/uncooked)… 100 g
  3. Ginger (Grated)… 2 Table Spoons
  4. Sesame oil (toasted)… one squirt
  5. Tabasco (of course)… a little shake
  6. Chilies… for garnish
  7. Song… Say yes, by: Loco, Punch

I want to start adding songs to recipes. Music is food for the ears and it helps describe the story the food is trying to tell. Play it while cooking, eating, or on repeat!


Day Before

  1. Soak 100 g of beans (overnight) and make sure to leave a few inches of water on top of the beans so they stay underwater.
  2. Measure exactly 110 g all-purpose unbleached flour (King Arthur Brand)
  3. Measure exactly 54 g all-purpose tap water
  4. Mix water into bowl, (all at once is fine), and incorporate together with a spoon.

*Starting with a spoon will make your life so much easier. Once all the water is absorbed switch to your hands and keep working dough until you form a ball. Once the ball is dry enough to not stick you can transfer to the table and knead the dough. 

5. Once the dough is as smooth as a baby’s bottom put into an airtight container or wrap in ceran wrap and let rest for at least 30 minutes.

*This is to let all the gluten in the dough calm down so you can roll it out without it bouncing back. You can also put into the refrigerator for use the next day, just make sure you let it sit out for 30 minutes so before trying to roll out. 

YouTube is full of kneading tips and tricks so if you’re having trouble check it out. But what it really comes down to is smacking the crap out of your dough until it’s smoooooth like butter.

The Next Day

  1. Measure exactly 110g all-purpose unbleached flour (King Arthur Brand)
  2. Measure exactly 54 g all-purpose tap water
  3. Mix water into bowl, (all at once is fine), and incorporate together with a spoon. 
  4. Once mostly together knead! knead! knead!
  5. Once the dough is as smooth as a baby’s bottom put into an airtight container or wrap in plastic wrap and let rest for at least 30 minutes.
  6. Get a pot of water boiling and add some salt. 
  7. Take beans out of the refrigerator, drain, and rinse. Then add to pot of boiling water.
  8. Let boil on high for 30 minutes. They don’t have to be completely cooked because were going to blend the shiz out of them. Really we are just getting rid of the raw flavor and seasoning them.
  9. While that is happening you can roll out your dough. 
  10. Once your dough is rolled to the thickness you desire heavily flour dough with more AP flour, fold hot dog style and roll loosely into a burrito shape and cut. 
  11. Now you have your cut noodles. And your beans are probably done so go ahead and drain those bad boys. 
  12. Heavily flour your noodles and wrap nicely and put back into an airtight container so they won’t dry out.
  13. Now make your “broth!” Add some beans and some water to the blender and let it rip. 
  14. Chill the soy broth in the fridge and get another pot of water boiling for your pasta. 
  15. Cook your pasta for about 4 minutes. If its thicker it made need to go longer. Just taste one and if you think its ready drain the pasta and throw it in the freezer to cool; or use an ice bath if you want to waste water-but that’s not sustainable right? 
  16. Take your grated ginger and place in the center of the bowl. 
  17. Toss the cold noddles in sesame oil and Tabasco and then form into a ball and place on top of ginger.
  18. Finally, gracefully pour your beautiful, silky smooth broth around your noodles until mostly filled. 
  19. Take your picture for Instagram. Tag @almostveganofficial and feast upon the glory that is the Korean summer dish (THE KING) KONG GOOK SUUUUU. 

Procedure Pro Tips

Step 3)  *Starting with a spoon will make your life so much easier. Once all the water is absorbed switch to your hands and keep working dough until you form a ball. Once the ball is dry enough to not stick you can transfer to the table and knead the dough. 

 Step 4) *This is to let all the gluten in the dough calm down so you can roll it out without it bouncing back. You can also put into the refrigerator for use the next day, just make sure you let it sit out for 30 minutes so before trying to roll out. 

Step 5) *Taste the water. It should taste like tears. 

Step 8) *Here I used a wine bottle but you can really use any kind of cylinder to roll out your dough. This step’s all up to you. How do you like your noodles? Long and skinny? Short and thick? The possibilities are endless. Go wild! 

Step 9)*Again it’s up to you how thick you want your noodles. 

Step 10)*Do not rinse! Go ahead put them on a plate or in a bowl and let them chill in the freezer for a few.  

Step 12) *Obviously, if you have a lower grade blender do this in small increments. Think of cream of mushroom consistency then add a bit more water. That’s the consistency you are looking for traditionally. But this is your dish. If you want it thicker or looser go for it.

Step 13) *Salt it just like before. Remember the flavor of TEARS.

Step 15) *Spreading your pasta on a plate will allow it too cool superrr fast.

Final Thoughts

Relationships are great. It’s truly a magical experience getting so close to someone and being able to share all that life has to give. But for those who are single…

Porn’s great too.

Egg Bagel Sandwich and Divorce

“I think life is all about finding the perfect bite of food. That feeling when you bite into something and you are swept away into a moment of perfect bliss. “

-Almost Vegan

This past February I ended a three-year marriage. We had joint bank accounts, phone bills, the whole 9 yards. Being the intelligent decision-maker I am, instead of taking care of all the financial issues right away, I had decided to put everything off until the summer then go live in Korea to study Korean for the next three months. While in Korea I had to find a new place (back in NYC), move all my stuff, separate banks and a whole bunch of other burdens that come when ending a long term relationship. Luckily I had a great network of friends that helped me through and in the end everything worked out. I bet you’re wondering though: what does this have to do with a food blog?

I don’t know if you have ever tried to find a place in NYC but that alone is one of the most stressful and difficult things I have had to deal with. Most places want you to have a salary that pays 50x the amount of monthly rent. Mind you rent in NYC, especially Manhattan, commonly starts at 3,000 mutha-fuckin’ USD a month. In case you don’t have a 150,000 dollar job at the age of 25 then you need a co-signer in order to land the apartment. Case #3: you don’t have a 50x job or a co-signer, then you may have to put up a 3-4x monthly rent deposit in advance.  

Back in Korea, with no co-signer, I was looking at about $9,000 in deposits for my new place. Btw, my lease in NYC was going to end while I was in Korea, so I had no where to return to once I came back to New York. I was paying double in rent at my old NYC place, due to some unforeseen circumstances, while paying rent on my current place in Korea and trying to make sure I had enough money to buy into a new apartment. So this is all happening while I’m separating phone bills and bank accounts between my old relationship, studying Korean, making no money, living in a foreign country. 

I love Korea. It’s easily the second greatest country in the world, (of course, the USA always #1), with great food, cheap drinks, gorgeous gals, and the people have a great work ethic. But the one thing they do not have is a goddamn decent egg-bagel sandwich. Sure they have their versions of egg sandwiches but honestly, they alllll sucked. Soggy bread, horrible sauces, and extras, like coleslaw. Why the hell would you put coleslaw on an egg sandwich?! To be fair, my first time in Korea in 2014(ish) I did have a great egg and bulgogi sandwich almost every morning, always served in between two beautifully toasted Texas style pieces of toast. But I guess that is no longer a thing because I could not find that anywhere.

So now come back with me and put yourself in my shoes. You wake up to find out you need to pay twice the rent then what you expected to pay on your apartment. You are in search of a new apartment at the same time. You’re paying rent in your current place and you’re going through all the financial separations of a divorce. What a shitty position to be in. So what do you decide to do? Maybe take a walk through the park, get a coffee. Sure. Then you’re hungry. You want something reminiscent of home, maybe eggs? Bacon? A bagel? All three? Yes! But…the country of Korea has 0 bagels. Welcome……. to H, E, double-hockey sticks. Easily the most stressful situation in my 27 21 years of existence. 

Luckily a great friend of mine, who we will call Dabisu, reached down from the heavens and pulled me out, starting a chain reaction of positive events. Dabisu introduced me to another former vet who was also in search of a place and this guy fucking killed it. He found a great apartment close to our school and, because the landlord loved vets, he waived the deposit altogether. I also got back payed the extra rent from earlier. Another great friend, who we will call Yoja,  went half-sies on a plane ticket during my school break in Korea so I could come back to the US to move into my new place. Not only did Yoja help me move, but they also met me at the airport with not 1 but 2 beautiful egg bagel sandwiches. 

I arrived around 1:00 in the morning and the magical hands of Yoja was somehow able to keep those sandwiches warm. I think life is all about finding the perfect bite of food. That feeling when you bite into something and you are swept away into a moment of perfect bliss. This happens rarely, but–in that shitty NYC airport, exhausted from my 20-hour flight–that first bite into that bagel sandwich relinquished all current stresses going on in my life.

I cannot promise you that you will never get divorced. I can’t co-sign on your new apartment. What I can do is give you the knowledge you need to cook a perfect egg-bagel sandwich. This way, no matter what kind of morning you wake up to, you can start your day off nutritiously and sustainably… but most importantly deliciously. 

The Recipe


  1. Bagel…1 cut evenly in half
  2. Spam…2 thinly cut pieces
  3. Eggs…2 large 
  4. Cheese…none for a smaller carbon footprint!!
  5. Pepper…freshly cracked to taste
  6. Tabasco… 1 dab
  7. Olive oil… a little dribble
  8. Salt…1 pinch
  9. Audible… a handful of chopped cilantro (stems and leaves) and a lime wedge


  1. Preheat oven to broil or 375 Fahrenheit
  2. Get your pan hot and prepare and measure all ingredients. I find it best to use cast iron or any non-stick surface whenever cooking with eggs. 
  3. Cook two pieces of spam until golden brown. (About 2 minutes each side.) While this is happening cut your bread in half. 

*Pro Tip-Don’t Cut Yourself! Make your hand as flat as possible and place on top of the bagel. Then line up your knife in the center of the bagel and saw from one side to the other. As long as you keep your hand and bagel flat you will not be able to cut yourself.

  1. Dab some olive oil on the cut side of the bagel, rub evenly with your finger, and place in the oven cut side up, (or facing the broiler if using.) 
  2. Take spam out and using the fat/grease that is still in the pan cook two eggs to preference. Usually, I like to break it up and let it go to over hard to make eating it easier but it’s up to you. While the eggs are cooking add some pepper and Tabasco for a little heat. *If you need more fat add a lil bit of oil to the pan.
  3. Take your bagel out once golden brown and crispy on the cut side and assemble your sandwich. 
  4. I like to go egg first, then spam, then bagel top. Then top with the cilantro and squeeze a little lime juice all over. *Spam and eggs are pretty heavy so adding a little green and lime will livin it up!
  5. Feast upon your glorious creation that is the egg bagel sandwich. 

*Grandma’s Tip- Wrap the bagel in some paper towel and let steam for a few minutes to get a perfectly toasty to moist ratio bagel.

Final Thoughts

Life throws you many curve balls but not having a proper egg bagel sandwich should never be one of them.

The key here is toasting the bagel properly. Do that and everything will fall into place. Its also endless what you can do with your bagel. Below are some variations I made.

How do you top your bagel? Comment below and lets start sharing some ideas!

Arugula, Tomato, Vegan Mayo

Vegan Peanut Butter Banana

Who is Almost Vegan

I am Iron Man Almost Vegan

I have been fascinated with food my whole life. I have taken part of every fad diet out there and for a long time thought of food as fuel. But we know now, more then ever, that food is so much more. Food is a visualization and literal taste of culture. It’s exciting, beautiful, and is shared by every living species on the planet. Whether you’re vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian, carnivorous, Christian, Buddhist, black, yellow, or white you have to eat. And most likely you enjoy eating. I love that and I love being able to connect to brand new cultures and people through eating and drinking.

No one in my family was much of a Chef but I still remember dishes that were delicious and nostalgic. After 6 years in the United States Navy serving as a Corpsman, (medic for the Navy and Marine Corps), I wanted to become a dietitian, knowing food is the best medicine. But turns out I hate school and hospitals. So I decided to move to New York and attended a health based culinary school. There I really developed my love for cooking and food and turned more away from health and more towards flavor and culture. I then worked in the NYC restaurant scene for 2 years and decided that also was not for me. I love food but as anyone in the “industry” knows that life is extremely exhausting and not the most rewarding. So I decided to go back to school and am now attending Columbia College in NYC where I am studying Sustainable Development. I don’t cook like I did in the restaurants but I do cook daily. I believe you don’t have to be a chef to create delicious meals and I want to inspire you all to cook and try new foods.

Why Focus on Sustainability?

  • Now more then ever Climate Change and our environment is a hot topic of discussion and I believe the best place to start with Climate Change is at the dinner table .
  • I feel there is a lot of talk about veganism combating climate change but veganism is not the end all answer.
  • I believe both veggies and meat belong on our plates but we just have to go about in a smart and sustainable manner.
  • There’s a million blogs and recipes online but none of them I have came across focus sustainability. Therefore I wanted to create a space for us to converse and share ideas on ways we take traditional dishes and evolve them for our time.

Final Thoughts

Take some time today and eat your VEGETABLES.