The only Kimchi recipe you will ever need

KIMCHI Spicy classic kimchi with a little extra funk. Makes 8-9 Quarts (80-90 servings) Ingredients Day 1 7,922g Napa Cabbage Cut into 1/4 pieces (hotdog style) 396g salt 1,188g water Day 2 Cabbage rinsed and drained 135g Scallions 135g Garlic chives 90g Garlic 15g Ginger 1,500g Daikon 600g Gochukaru (Korean chile flakes) 15g sugar 45gContinue reading “The only Kimchi recipe you will ever need”

Broccoli Stock 브로콜리 수프

Makes 4.5 qaurts (about 11-15 servings) The perfect stock for those under-the-weather days that will be sure to heal you right up– Or, when you just need a bomb @ss vegetable stock. Ingredients 495g Brocoli 990g Onions 495g Celery 495g Parsnips 495g Leeks 2 Heads garlic 5g Black peppercorns 1g Thyme 2 Bay leafs 3,961gContinue reading “Broccoli Stock 브로콜리 수프”

Chicken Musubi

Ingredients: Almost Vegan Official Marinade-1/2 Cup  Nori Seaweed sheet-1 (Cut into 1-2 inch strip) Perfectly cooked musubi rice- ½ cup Chiles-to taste (for me, the more the merrier)  Song: Sweeter Then Honey by: Shar Carillo Musubi rice: Weigh out your rice and then wash. Drain the rice and measure 1.2x grams of water (i.e. ifContinue reading “Chicken Musubi”

Winner Winner Chicken Wing Dinner

Ingredients: Chicken wings-4 whole (or 8 cut) Almost Vegan Official Marinade-1 Cup  Green Onions-2 Lemon-2 Grated coconut (unsweetened)- tiny handful Chiles-to taste (for me, the more the merrier)  Salt/Pepper-if needed Song: Can’t Stop by: Red Hot Chili Peppers Procedure: Cut the chicken wings (if needed) then marinate overnight. (8-12 hours) Turn on the grill orContinue reading “Winner Winner Chicken Wing Dinner”

Guam’s Chicken Kelaguen Recipe

Ingredients: Whole Chicken (butchered and de-boned)-1 Almost Vegan Official Marinade-2 Cups  Green Onions-6 Lemon-2 Grated coconut (unsweetened)- 1 handful Chiles-to taste Salt/Pepper-if needed Song: Bowl for Two By: The Expendables Procedure: Butcher and debone chicken, if needed, then marinate chicken overnight. (8-12 hours) Turn on the grill or get that cast iron hot and ready WipeContinue reading “Guam’s Chicken Kelaguen Recipe”