The only Kimchi recipe you will ever need

KIMCHI Spicy classic kimchi with a little extra funk. Makes 8-9 Quarts (80-90 servings) Ingredients Day 1 7,922g Napa Cabbage Cut into 1/4 pieces (hotdog style) 396g salt 1,188g water Day 2 Cabbage rinsed and drained 135g Scallions 135g Garlic chives 90g Garlic 15g Ginger 1,500g Daikon 600g Gochukaru (Korean chile flakes) 15g sugar 45gContinue reading “The only Kimchi recipe you will ever need”

Galbi 갈비

Serveres 4-10 Galbi, pronounced (KG)arrrr-lbi, are beef short ribs cut into 1/2in or 1.27cm pieces, marinated and grilled to well-done. Grill or sear in a hot cast iron pan. Perfect for bbq days and celebrations! Ingredients Almost Vegan Official Marinade 280g Soy sauce 144g Coconut sugar 43g Honey 60g Sesame oil 80g Pineapple juice 10gContinue reading “Galbi 갈비”

Yukhoe 육회

Serves 2-4 Ingredients Marinade 23g Garlic 14g Green onion bottoms 12g Soy 18g Honey 26g Sesame oil Pepper (To Taste) Garnish Toasted sesame seeds Toasted pumpkin seeds Egg yolk Green onion top Thai chile salt Crisp Korean Pear 1/4 Korean pear 2g Ginger 10g Sugar Beef 113g Round cut beef Recipe Place meat and bowlContinue reading “Yukhoe 육회”

How to Eat as a Broke @ss College Kid and Throw a $2,000 Dollar Dinner Party

“Good food does not mean expensive, elaborate, complicated or difficult. Good food means good food. Whether you spent 4 days aging your own duck in the perfect tempered climate, buy all organic, or inhale a .99 cent pizza at 4 a.m; when you’re eating these dishes it doesn’t matter the process, only the final product.”Continue reading “How to Eat as a Broke @ss College Kid and Throw a $2,000 Dollar Dinner Party”