Broccoli Stock 브로콜리 수프

Makes 4.5 qaurts (about 11-15 servings) The perfect stock for those under-the-weather days that will be sure to heal you right up– Or, when you just need a bomb @ss vegetable stock. Ingredients 495g Brocoli 990g Onions 495g Celery 495g Parsnips 495g Leeks 2 Heads garlic 5g Black peppercorns 1g Thyme 2 Bay leafs 3,961gContinue reading “Broccoli Stock 브로콜리 수프”

Keeping it Traditional: Cultural Appropriation and a Taco

“Originating from the Midwest and making its way into all our hearts, the Midwest Taco takes the Mexican classic and gives it an American Midwestern kiss. It’s delicious, nutritious but most of all, DELICIOUS!” -Almost Vegan If you ask any true Chef they will say, “understanding tradition is key when creating a new dish.” WhatContinue reading “Keeping it Traditional: Cultural Appropriation and a Taco”

How to Eat as a Broke @ss College Kid and Throw a $2,000 Dollar Dinner Party

“Good food does not mean expensive, elaborate, complicated or difficult. Good food means good food. Whether you spent 4 days aging your own duck in the perfect tempered climate, buy all organic, or inhale a .99 cent pizza at 4 a.m; when you’re eating these dishes it doesn’t matter the process, only the final product.”Continue reading “How to Eat as a Broke @ss College Kid and Throw a $2,000 Dollar Dinner Party”

Worlds Best Popcorn (Americas’ Rice)

Not only has this popcorn been found to be more addicted then cocaine, its also cheap and will bring any date night or party from a 6 to a full blown 10. Ingredients Sunflower oil…about a cup Dried chilies…a few Popcorn kernels…a handful Song… Drop it Like It’s Hot, by: Snoop Dog Procedure Toast datContinue reading “Worlds Best Popcorn (Americas’ Rice)”

Whats in da Fridge Fried Rice

This dish is great because you can literally use anything. I have made so many variations of fried rice I cant even count. Make sure to always include garlic, onions, and of course, rice. After that its up to you! Of course sometimes you will come with some weird creations, but that’s half the fun!Continue reading “Whats in da Fridge Fried Rice”

Korea: The Land of Couple Style

” Have yourself a night of ravenous lovemaking. Then refresh yourselves with a couple of beers and this perfect, couple style, Korean dish. “ -Almost Vegan If you read my last post, then you know I spent this last summer in Korea. I have nothing but great things to say about the place, except forContinue reading “Korea: The Land of Couple Style”

Egg Bagel Sandwich and Divorce

“I think life is all about finding the perfect bite of food. That feeling when you bite into something and you are swept away into a moment of perfect bliss. “ -Almost Vegan This past February I ended a three-year marriage. We had joint bank accounts, phone bills, the whole 9 yards. Being the intelligentContinue reading “Egg Bagel Sandwich and Divorce”