Chicken Musubi

Ingredients: Almost Vegan Official Marinade-1/2 Cup  Nori Seaweed sheet-1 (Cut into 1-2 inch strip) Perfectly cooked musubi rice- ½ cup Chiles-to taste (for me, the more the merrier)  Song: Sweeter Then Honey by: Shar Carillo Musubi rice: Weigh out your rice and then wash. Drain the rice and measure 1.2x grams of water (i.e. ifContinue reading “Chicken Musubi”

Guam’s Chicken Kelaguen Recipe

Ingredients: Whole Chicken (butchered and de-boned)-1 Almost Vegan Official Marinade-2 Cups  Green Onions-6 Lemon-2 Grated coconut (unsweetened)- 1 handful Chiles-to taste Salt/Pepper-if needed Song: Bowl for Two By: The Expendables Procedure: Butcher and debone chicken, if needed, then marinate chicken overnight. (8-12 hours) Turn on the grill or get that cast iron hot and ready WipeContinue reading “Guam’s Chicken Kelaguen Recipe”